This bot is only available to buy through the Founders pack. You may not get it any other way.

As a soldier hybrid Anomaly is affective and both attacking and repairing. His attacks center on debuffing his enemies with system interface and toxic viruses. But he can also clean up those effects from his allies keeping his team fighting fit.

Vehicle Mode Edit

Transformers Universe Anomaly Vehicle Mode

In vehicle mode, Anomaly transforms into a hazardous materials response system.

Bot Mode Edit

Weapons Edit

Lambda Pulse Blaster Edit


A long-range charge-up weapon which deals plasma damage to shield. The higher the charge the larger the output. The Nuclear Attraction S-tech sees Anomaly use nuclear force to pull himself towards the target and disorientate them. But it is less reliable if the target is in vehicle mode.

Atomic Axe Edit


A charge-up melee weapon which deals electrical damage to the sparks and shield

s of all targets hit by the swing. The higher the charge the larger the output. The Web-Route S-tech uses the axe to create a subatomic link between Anomaly and a target, which routes a portion of Anomaly's incoming damage to them instead


Positron Shotgun Edit


A short-range ammo weapon which repairs allies. It auto-reloads when ammo is depleted. The Particle Exchanger S-tech triggers an instant swap of positrons between Anomaly and his allies for mutual benefit, each ally gaining increased damage-dealing, and Anomaly gaining increased damage-dealing for each ally affected.

Equipment Edit

Hazardous Waste Edit

Anomaly dumps his toxic payload, causing lingering plasma damage on nearby enemies' shields. But it also infects him with weak plasma damage over time.

Virus Recycler Edit

Cleanses viruses from Anomaly and nearby allies, and recycles them into lead sulfide, which steadily repairs Anomaly.

Spark Flux Edit

Creates a toxic aura which mutates the sparks of nearby enemies, causing any repairs they receive to instead deal plasma damage. Anomaly and his nearby allies react to the aura by receiving a damage-absorb when they get repaired.

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