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• 12/30/2012

Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome all,

Introduce yourselfs here, you can mention anything about yourself like:

Your favourite transformer

What you look forward to in Transformers Universe

What you like and dislike

And anything else!

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• 1/7/2013

My names Thomas I'm looking for to helping with this wiki. I've been following Mechscape, Stellar Dawn, Transformers universe since 2009. I'v becoming very frustrated with Jagex and there repeated name changes lol.

But for any company to spend over $100 million on the rights for a name had best develop the game lol. I strongly believe that Jagex has finally come up with a suitable name for their game.

I hope that it will be released by 2015. Because let's face it. Its Jagex we are talking about. I'm hoping 2013 but they promised 2012 and now it's 2013 but anyways.

I run online gaming communities and I also enjoyed playing classic video games. If there's anything else you want to know or need help with something feel free to ask me :) you can also check out my blog at

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